Bad Credit, Bankruptcy or Tax Liens, NO PROBLEM!

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Bad Credit, Bankruptcy or Tax Liens, NO PROBLEM!

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Bad Credit, Bankruptcy or Tax Liens, NO PROBLEM!

Gas Station Financing

Gasoline prices are forever on the rise and profit margins more rigid. Banks are increasingly hesitant in providing readily available loans to unstable businesses, which include gas stations. Financing gas stations has unfortunately produced a challenge since yearsin the conventional financing showground for a number of reasons, including an enlarged focus on environmental laws and issues and an unwillingness to spend time to undertake the proper due diligence needed for your industry.

However, finally, your quest for your gas station financing has landed you in the correct place. Secured Money Solutions comes to the rescue with an easy loan plan and quick funds for your gas station establishment. Our aim is to provide a selection of financial solutions tailor made to fit the necessities and demands of modern gas stations. We strive to know your goals and respond with the appropriate loan structure suitable for your business.

Gas Station Financing

Cash advance

We are willing to provide you with a merchant cash advance with quick, convenient approval and delivery system and a flexible repayment schedule. You can pay back the bulk payment you receive by scheduling a small part of your future credit card receivables for us. This you will be required to do by allocating a small percentage to us from each electronic credit card sale you make. In times of slow economy, we even allow you to decrease the payment amount you are required to make. Apart from that, we will charge you a one-time fee for providing you with the cash advance.

You are free to use your cash advance in any manner, whether it’s for remodeling, buying equipment, payroll, increasing cash flow or any other business needs.

Bad Credit History

If you have faced bad personal credit, getting financing for your gas station can be very difficult. Banks view bad credit business loans very risky and coupled with the environmental risk that gas stations pose, the conventional loan providing organization is futile to approach.

However, bad credit history plays a minimal part for Secured Money Solutions to approve your loan, since repayment is made from your future credit card sales. The only terms of loan eligibility we require from you is that your gas station be in operation since a minimum of 3 months.

How to apply

We at Secured Money Solutions have made the whole application process very easy, via our online application system. Once you have applied, we will respond promptly to discuss the financing options available for your business.

So don’t waste precious time and apply online now, or call us.

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