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ACH Loans

We provide funds at he lowest rates in the industry with flexible repayment schedules.

This high-risk cash-flow financing is almost identical to a merchant cash advance, in that they are both the sale of future receivables and have very similar rates and general terms. The difference between an ACH loan and an MCA advance is the way the funding is repaid. As mentioned above, a merchant cash advance is repaid by splitting credit card sales, whereas an ACH advance is repaid by having a set amount sent to the funder from the merchant’s bank account using Automated Clearing House.

Its without a doubt that business owners who have recently been in bankruptcy face fewer financing options than those who haven’t filed bankruptcy. But as you see above there are options available — even for businesses with open bankruptcies. The key is to make sure you understand your options, and connect with the right lender that will provide you the most affordable financing. If you are a business owner in need of financing who is currently in bankruptcy or have filed for bankruptcy within recent years, please reach-out to one of our funding specialists, and we’ll help you navigate the process.

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ACH Loans

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