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We provide funds at he lowest rates in the industry with flexible repayment schedules.

Bankruptcy can be a complex, confusing, and unpleasant process for people to go through. Therefore, it is vital to know important factors about the process, your options, and the current trends contributing to businesses and individuals turning to file for bankruptcy, as well as the business funding options available to business owners with open or past bankruptcies.

Presently, there has been a trend of older Americans having to file for bankruptcy—shattering their traditional ideas about life in retirement. Things like vanishing pensions, inadequate savings, and soaring medical expenses are all signs of dilemma that have been building for years. Current research has helped us to shed light on why this is happening. That being, people 65 and older are filing for bankruptcy at a rate three times what it was in 1991; plus, declining incomes before retirement aggregating the current trend. The study further suggested how older people are often less able to push through the hard times, and the fact that its hard enough for an older person to find and keep one job. Moreover, bankruptcy can offer a fresh start for people who need one, but for older Americans, the study found it could be seen as a little too late. When they finally do file, their wealth is almost gone, and they don’t have many years ahead to get back on their feet. Thus for older individuals, there is a long-running effort lead by Professor Thorne at Idaho University, going by the bankruptcy project. Professor Thorne and other colleges have come up with questionnaires to ask bankruptcy filers to gain insight into why their age group is filing more than others. 

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