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We provide funds at he lowest rates in the industry with flexible repayment schedules.

This high-risk cash-flow financing is almost identical to a merchant cash advance, in that they are both the sale of future receivables and have very similar rates and general terms. The difference between an ACH loan and an MCA advance is the way the funding is repaid. As mentioned above, a merchant cash advance is repaid by splitting credit card sales, whereas an ACH advance is repaid by having a set amount sent to the funder from the merchant’s bank account using Automated Clearing House.

Its without a doubt that business owners who have recently been in bankruptcy face fewer financing options than those who haven’t filed bankruptcy. But as you see above there are options available — even for businesses with open bankruptcies. The key is to make sure you understand your options, and connect with the right lender that will provide you the most affordable financing. If you are a business owner in need of financing who is currently in bankruptcy or have filed for bankruptcy within recent years, please reach-out to one of our funding specialists, and we’ll help you navigate the process.  GET ACH LOAN IN USA

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What is the Process of Securing an ACH Cash Advance?

To get approved for an ACH small business loan a company will first need to submit a signed credit application and provide 6 months of their most recent business bank statements. After the merchant cash advance lender runs the small business owner’s credit and analyzes the company’s bank statements (they look at the total amount of deposits, total number of deposits, frequency of deposits, minimum daily balance, average daily balance, and other factors) they will either provide an offer, or decline the merchant for funding. If the merchant is approved, the ACH funder will then provide a range of options for the merchant to chose. After chosing the best ACH funding option that best meets their needs, they will then receive contracts from the lenders with a list of documents needed before funding. Documents needed for funding under $100,000 usually include voided check, drivers license of the owner(s), provide business licenses and verify their bank account. Bank verification is done by the lender either signing-in to the merchant’s bank account, using a third party service or join.me meeting to verify the account transactions match the bank account statements provided. If the loan amount is over $100,000 additional company financials may be needed, included profit and loss statements along with company balance sheets. After all stipulations have been provided to the lender and the contracts fully-executed, the ach funder will wire the funding amount to the merchant and the ACH repayment process will begin the next business day.

Benefits to ACH Loans

Cash flow based loans have a number of benefits, making it a good financing option for small business owners with wide-ranging needs. At Clarify, we streamline our loan process to make securing capital simple and easy.

Full Transparency

You won’t find any hidden fees in our loan products. Other lenders include sneaky terms and prepayment penalties, which work against the borrower. At Clarify, we take pride in being the most transparent loan provider. Small business owners love working with us because we take an honest approach and always have the borrower’s best interest in mind.

Quick Application Process

Our application process is speedy and straightforward. We understand that small business owners are busy and dealing with complex business operations. We move quickly and do the hard work, so you can focus on running your business first and foremost.

Flexible Repayment

Just like every business is unique, small business owners have varying needs and preferences in terms of repayment. ACH loans are one of the most flexible financing options. Small business owners can pay the borrowed funds back on a schedule that works for them. Choose to repay on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule.

All Credit Scores Can Be Eligible

Having less than stellar credit can be a huge hindrance when it comes to financing. Traditional financing relies heavily on credit standing to determine loan eligibility. If you’ve been denied a traditional loan because of your credit, ACH advances tend to be a great alternative option. You can get approved with either good or bad credit.

Minimal Paperwork Required

ACH loans require very little paperwork compared to alternative loan products. Unlike other lenders that require endless documentation, at Clarify, we only require the essentials. We strive to make the loan application process as easy as possible.

No Collateral Needed

Cash flow loans are an unsecured type of financing, which means no collateral is needed to get approved. That further lowers the risk for businesses owners.

ACH Cash Advances

ACH business loans (also referred to as bank-only loans) are a way for small businesses to obtain cash-flow loans and working capital without the credit and document requirements that a company would face with traditional bank financing. ACH loans are structured much differently than traditional bank financing in both the way the loan is repaid, and the cost associated with the loan. In this article we will take a look at what is the automated clearing house, how it is used by consumers and small businesses, and the pros and cons of ACH bank-only financing for small and mid-sized businesses.

What Do Businesses Use ACH Loans for?

An infusion of extra working capital can be used for a variety of business purposes. How you choose to use your funding typically depends on your company’s goals and objectives. Below are some common use cases:

1. Hiring and Training New Employees

Hiring and training new employees is an important part of growing a business. ACH loans can be used to help front the cost of onboarding and investing in new hires. Using the additional cash flow, small business owners can expand their business and secure top talent.

2. Bridging Cash Flow Gaps

Cash flow gaps are common when you’re running a business. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency, seasonal fluctuations, or a short-term dip in revenue, an ACH loan can provide the capital necessary to keep things moving.

3. Inventory Purchasing

Maintaining inventory is a necessary aspect of operating a business. ACH loans are a good option for business owners needing to restock supplies and place inventory orders. Whether you’re planning to buy in bulk or place a small order for special items, Clarify has you covered.

4. Stalled Invoice Payments

Slow payments and delayed invoices leave businesses to temporarily foot the bill. For those operating with smaller margins, a stalled invoice payment can put small businesses in a tough financial spot. An ACH loan can be used as a short-term buffer, providing a quick infusion of capital while businesses wait for invoices to be paid.

5. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential elements to every business strategy. Building awareness and bringing patients in helps contribute to the bottom line of every business. ACH loans can provide the capital necessary to build out and implement a strong marketing and advertising strategy.

6. Disaster & Pandemic Relief

During these unprecedented times, small businesses across the nation have been experiencing financial hardships. Maybe you’ve experienced a decline in sales since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you’ve been dealing with increased costs, after supplying PPE and taking more extreme sanitation measures. If your company has been impacted by COVID-19, we’re here to help.

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